Village de L'emploi

« I thank all the family of the village of employment thanks to which I regained the taste and the desire to work again in IT after a multitude of obstacles. I wish you happiness and a lot of success. » – Mohamed.

The objective is clear: that each of the learners can stand on their own feet when they leave the employment village. With more than 5,400 jobs created and a plethora of positive job village reviews, it looks like the company is not ashamed of its prowess.


Because the world of employment is a sea in constant movement, the employment village strives to offer training that meets the real needs of the market. At the time of writing, the center offers 4 very distinct courses:

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If you want to become an active member of society, the employment village gives you the solution on a single board. All you have to do is choose the Specialty Job Village that suits you best.

Assistantship project owner

Even if the name of this course may suggest that it is reserved for scientists, it is not. Whether you have a literary background or a scientific background, becoming an assistant client is perfectly possible.

In its long form, training is designated by the expression Assistance to Project Management and Project Management (AMOA / AMOE). Devoid of technical requirements, this specialties employment village focuses on project management and specifics related to the project.

As an assistant owner, you will be the face of the company. It is to you that the client will formulate his needs. In layman’s language, he will do his best to give you a precise idea of his expectations. Your mission will be to note his complaints and translate them into more appropriate terms for the management of the project.

Human-centered, the assistant project manager must have excellent interpersonal skills, solid writing skills and above all a foolproof organization.

Specialties of the profession

Client assistants are able to work in a multitude of sectors. However, some are more inclined to recruit them than others. In order to maximize the chances of its candidates, the employment village has chosen to focus on promising areas.

This is how the Project Management Assistance and Project Management (AMOA / AMOE) training opens up to six outlets:
• AMOA banking and finance;
• AMOA specializing in insurance;
• AMOA specializing in large-scale logistics distribution;
• AMOA specialization tests and test tools;
• AMOA in credit risk management;
• AMOA option SWIFT and SEPA.

Business Intelligence (BI)

By browsing the village of employment notices, the user quickly realizes that learners sing all the praises of the BI specialty. Intended only for technical and scientific profiles, this training covers decision support systems, whether in terms of design or development.

At all times, a business is required to make decisions. Be careful, however … It is not sure that it can withstand a misstep or the realization of an odd. To minimize risk, the business intelligence expert calls on the power of computer software to determine the least risky route.

Collecting data, modeling situations and visualizing results are some of the tasks that a business intelligence professional performs. In addition to being comfortable with binary code, it is also necessary to master several data processing tools frequently used by administrative departments.

In all, there are seven employment villages specializing in this trade. These include in particular:
• datastage specialization;
• the GENIO option;
• the Informatica specialty;
• SAS specialization;
• the MS BI specialization;
• ODI specialization;
• the TALEND specialization.


New technologies and development

This specialty of the employment village only concerns people who already have basic computer skills. Through this course, their knowledge will be reinforced and they will be introduced to different programming languages.

Before going any further, it is necessary to lift the veil of mystery that surrounds the profession of expert in new technologies and development. As an engineer, he is required to design, develop and set up a computer program.

Obviously, its tasks will go somewhat beyond writing the program. Based on the client’s specifications, he will have to coordinate the entire project. A highly responsible position, this job is generally accompanied by the management of a small team.

To become an accomplished new technologies and development engineer, the learner will have to complete 6 modules:
• the Java J2EE specialization;
• the AGL specialization;
• the DOTNET specialty;
• C ++ specialization;
• PHP specialization;
• JavaScript specialization.

Data management

To pursue a career in data management, the student must necessarily come from a scientific or technical institution. As the name suggests, data management is a specialty that deals with data management. And given the growing importance of IT, this sector is not about to stop recruiting.

The duties to be expected vary according to the level of education. For people holding a BAC + 2, it is possible to embark on a brilliant career as an operations or network technician. Likewise, other professions such as system analyst or administrator extend their arms to them.

For people with a Master I or II, the path is quite different. Through their degree, they can claim to become operations integrators or database administrators.

Une fois engagé dans le programme de data management, l’apprenant peut bifurquer vers l’une de ses six voies :

  • système et base de données ;
  • sécurité réseaux ;
  • data management et exploitation ;
  • devops ;
  • administrateur de systèmes Linux ;
  • administrateur Windows.
"After 4 months spent here, I learned a lot about the technical axis, the communication axis and the business axis. The whole training team was behind me to help me. Now, thanks to them, I will carry out a professional project. Special mention to Hery who has always been there for me, who has supported and helped me enormously. "
"Today, thanks to the Job Village, I got my first job. I want to thank the whole team who helped me progress, especially Hary, Haja, Jugurta and my colleagues."

Discover a unique method to enter the labor market. The Training Employment Village means first of all being trained free of charge by experts, then having a guaranteed job for 3 years.